3 Common Forklift Safety Hazards

 Forklift trucks are one of the most hazardous vehicle types in the workplace, frequently found in warehouses, workshops and factories. When forklifts are in operation, there are a number of factors and issues to consider to make sure that everyone is safe. To help you understand the things you need to look out for when operating a forklift truck, please feel free to read our guide to some of the more prominent hazards of forklift usage.


     1. Unsecured loads 


When moving on inclines, wet surfaces, oily surfaces and rough terrain, trucks and loads are a lot less stable. Therefore, when operating loads must be properly secured and should not be off centre or over the capacity limit of the forklift. They should be handled carefully and checked closely for stability and balance, especially because falling loads can cause injury and damage. 


When working with a maximum capacity load, tilt the mast backwards and position the load so the heaviest part is against the carriage. Then, once you are ready to stack the load, the mast should be tilted forward very slowly. It is always best to use securing measures, such as ropes or bindings, if required.


      2.   Improper use


This is most commonly seen with untrained operators, when they start carrying out speeding, racing, sharp corner turns, and using the forklift in ways unintended. The forklift should always be operated within the speed limit, especially because the combination of speed and the sharpness of a turn can cause a tip over. 


Lift trucks are also designed to carry loads, not people, so it is important to not let other people ride on the truck - unless a second seat is fitted.


      3.   Pedestrians


Many forklift accidents that occur do end up involving pedestrians in some way or another, as if the operator’s view is obstructed - they might not be able to see a nearby pedestrian. Always be aware of the pedestrians around you and no matter what, never carry a passenger on the forklift. 


An operator must be in full control of the truck at all times, so always look in the direction of travel and be fully aware of what is going on around you. It is a good practice for the pedestrian and the truck operator to make eye contact to help ensure the pedestrian is recognised and can pass safely.


Understanding forklift hazards


The dangers associated with use of lift trucks in the workplace are often underestimated. No matter what work environment you are in, it is very important to understand the common forklift hazards. By taking into consideration the situations that could occur, operators will be able to perform their jobs in a safe and appropriate manner and prevent accidents and injuries.


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