4 Common Forklift Training Myths Debunked

 There are often a number of common misunderstandings around forklift operator training. These misconceptions often result in employers overtraining staff and overspending their budget. Therefore, the team at Trucks Direct UK - one of the largest independent UK providers of used forklifts for the retail market - has put together some of the most common forklift training myths and debunked them for you. 


Myth #1: A forklift operator must hold a valid license


This is completely incorrect, as there is no such thing as a forklift truck license. However, employees are able to complete specialist training where a certificate is issued. This is not a legally required document, but it does provide evidence of training for current and future employers. This documentation may be valid for a certain time or valid only for a specific area and is the only thing you can relate to a forklift license. Forklift drivers must legally be healthy and well enough to operate this potentially dangerous piece of machinery without causing harm to themselves or others.


Myth #2: Forklift training takes a long time


The typical beginner’s forklift training is 5 days long covering all the topics needed to become a certified operator - so it really doesn’t take a very long time. The length of the course is dependent on factors such as equipment type, experience level and delegate numbers, but never lasts longer than 5 days long. As an example, more experienced lift truck operators may, understandably, need less training than those with little or no experience. 


Myth #3: Forklifts are just like any other vehicle 


Unlike any other vehicle, forklifts use their rear wheels to steer and are equipped with a three-point suspension system. This means they are very different from any car, van or lorry, which is why specialist forklift training is essential. Within your training, you would be thoroughly instructed in driving backwards, as well as having to be able to drive with full visibility whilst carrying a load on the front of the forklift. You also need to learn how to load and unload safely and run all the appropriate checks on your vehicle. 


Myth #4: Forklift training is not worth it


With forklift training, it ensures employees are safe at work and they completely understand what to do before operating a forklift. They will be trained on how to make correct vehicle checks to ensure it is safe to use in your workplace, as well as how to effectively assess the environment around you. Forklift driving may seem like a simple job but it is actually one of the most dangerous pieces of workplace equipment so training on this machinery is essential. Different training courses are available for the different types of forklifts, however, in general, all forklift training will cover similar aspects.


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