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4 Way Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK has a wide selection of 4 way forklifts for sale. We are a leading provider of forklifts and have a reputation for excellence. Multi directional forklifts are one of the most versatile units available for lifting and loading. This type of material handling equipment combines the functionality of counterbalanced forklift, side loader and very narrow aisle (VNA) articulated trucks all in one vehicle.

As four way forklifts can switch between forward and sideways movements, they allow the driver to easily move around the facility without the difficulties that you face with 3 wheel forklifts and 4 wheel forklifts. Unlike 4 wheel forklifts, multi directional forklifts do not struggle with large turning circles. Further, they have the benefits of 3 wheel forklifts without the doubt of overloading during movements. Four way forklifts have proven to increase productivity thanks to how easy they are to operate. They are also extremely safe for handling products, making them an ideal purchase for anyone that handles products that are difficult to use on other types of forklifts. As they are safe at handling products, they help reduce product damage, resulting in a better experience for your customers.

Any 4 way forklifts for sale on our website will have further details displayed on their product page. This includes lift height, load capacity and mast type. More details on the available warranty, fork length, vehicle length and width are also display so that you can make a fully informed decision before making a purchase.

4 Directional forklift truck brands that we stock include Combilift, Jungheinrich and BT

4 Way Directional Forklift

We have many used 4 way forklifts for sale. We sell leading brands that are recognised for their manufacturing quality. All used forklifts sold by us go through stringent checks to ensure they are in good working condition ready for operation. The main advantage of buying used 4 way directional forklifts is that they are extremely cost effective compared to buying new. Whilst buying new has its benefits, it is also very costly. Plus new units can struggle with initial manufacturing faults that can affect earlier operative usage. With a used forklift, you can be reassured that the unit has no manufacturing faults. We only stock used four way forklifts that have a good maintenance and service history. Any used forklifts that we sell are displayed on our website and can be viewed in our showroom. We are happy to respray any forklifts back to their original colour, or spray your purchased forklift to colours that match you brand or requirements.

Further Advice and Information

If you have found a 4 way directional forklift that you are interested in and would like further information or advice, feel free to contact us on 0121 667 2087 or email us through our website. We welcome all customers to visit our showroom to browse our extensive range of used forklifts. Our team of leading experts will be able to provide you with useful information and advice you on whether a multi directional forklift is the best option for your requirements.

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