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Articulated Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK have a wide range of articulated forklifts for sale. We stock leading brands including Flexi, Bendi and AisleMaster. As Articulated forklifts are more agile in comparison to traditional reach and counterbalance trucks. As they have very narrow aisle handling potential, they are one of the best ways to increase stock levels due to their space-saving attributes.

There is a common misconception that articulated forklift trucks are hard to drive in comparison to traditional material handling equipment. This is not the case. Feedback from our customers and feedback that the manufacturing companies have received suggests that articulated fork trucks are actually easier to operate. In fact, Flexi received feedback from one of their customers suggesting that it is easier to stack pallets than it is to park a car with their articulated trucks. All articulated forklifts provide high efficiency and have a long battery life for extended shifts.

Articulated trucks have proven to be easier to maintain than traditional reach trucks. Flexi claim that their fork trucks cost 20% less to maintain in comparison to reach trucks. This is due to them having less moving parts that are easier to access. As maintenance is an ongoing requirement, it is worth considering the saving potential of using an articulated truck for your operation.

Used Articulated Forklift Trucks for Sale

We sell used articulated forklift trucks for competitive prices. All used articulated forklifts that we stock and sell are in good condition and pass our stringent inspections. We only buy used forklifts that have a proven record of being looked after by their previous owners. This includes records of previous maintenance and servicing.

The main benefit of buying a used fork truck is cost-effectiveness. Whilst buying new is an attractive option, a used forklift that is in great condition can provide you with the same usability and reliability as buying new. We offer easy payment options on most of the forklifts that we stock which has proven to be an attractive choice for many of our customers. Whilst we display our forklifts in the colour that we purchased them, we are happy to respray any forklift back to its original colour or spray to your specification at an additional cost. All forklifts that are live listed on our website are currently owned by us. They are in stock and are viewable at our showroom. We display accurate pictures of each forklift to ensure that you can make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Further Advice and Information

If you require any further information about any articulated forklifts that we stock and sell you are more than welcome to call us direct on 0121 667 9423 or send us a message through our website. You can also visit our showroom to browse and view our wide range of forklift trucks. Our trained and experienced forklift experts will be able to help you understand the benefits of each forklift. They will also be able to advise you on which type of forklift brand is best suited to your requirements.

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