Getting Your Warehouse Ready for More Prosperous Times

In the first quarter of 2014, the economy grew by 0.8%, taking total growth over the past 12 months to 3.1%. In turn, Britain now has one of the fastest growing economies in the west, one that is being significantly buoyed by increased consumer spending as well as the growth of firms, particularly those in the SME world.

With increased consumer spending being seen across the board, 2014 is looking extremely bright for businesses of all sizes, and with increased prosperity may come a need to refocus certain internal processes to ensure that potential profit can be maximised.

One such area that may need focus is warehouse space, and as custom increases, the need for well designed, well stocked and well run warehouses will increase proportionately. After all, if you are not maximising all of your available space or have issues with your supply chain, you may well miss out on a great deal of potential custom. With this year having the potentially to be the busiest for businesses in almost a decade, companies could see their profits and in turn their future potential increase exponentially - and being ready for the rush will be vital.


We all know that the old adage ‘you have to spend money to make money’ is a cliche. However, cliches persist due to the fact that they are based on certain universal truths, and those who truly wish to make more of their potential in this time of increased prosperity will indeed have to make some canny investments. Furthermore, by investing in the right warehouse equipment and solutions, companies may simply be protecting themselves from unexpected and significantly increased costs in the future.

For those who wish to increase their available space and in turn the amount they can safely store to boost their ability to fulfil customers’ needs, the right racking and the right forklift trucks will be vital. Both will ensure that items can be stored safely and accessed easily, whilst the latter will also help vastly reduce the amount of space wasted by allowing companies to reduce aisle size or to simply utilise far more vertical space. It will also be important to make sure that the trucks you buy are right for the environment in which they will be used, and that they can handle whatever the British weather chooses to throw at them.

Other considerations

Whilst the right racking and the right forklifts will increase efficiency and storage space in equal measures, there are other things to consider when preparing for busier times. Your premises will need to be prepared, but so will your workforce, so ensure that you have both the right number and right quality of staff to help you cope as custom increases. This will not just be about providing good customer service but also about making sure that those in warehouses remain safe no matter how busy things get.

You may want to consider new stock control solutions too. If you have the right racking and the right trucks, efficiency will be vastly increased, but if you still have problems managing and controlling stock, your investments may all be for nothing. Ensure that your current processes are the best ones for you and that, no matter how busy things get, you are always able to control your levels of stock effectively.

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