Now is the time to invest in your business

Recent figures have made it clear that small and medium-sized businesses have a huge amount to gain from the recent economic upturn. The expected annual turnover of SMEs is rising significantly, with many medium-sized enterprises having seen revenue rise significantly in the past six months alone.

Whilst things are very much looking good for SMEs, many still believe it is far too risky to start investing significant amounts into their business. However, experts are suggesting that investment is exactly what is needed if businesses are to make the most of this renewed prosperity.

Whilst numerous businesses are indeed planning for growth over the next twelve months, many are investing far too little of their profits back into their company, whilst others are too afraid to scale-up at all. for those operating on this level, HSBC has suggested that making positive investment decisions now will be vital for those that wish to capitalise on their potential. The bank has also set aside £6bn to create an SME fund which will allow small and medium-sized businesses access to increased funds in a bid to help them grow in the most appropriate way rather than being held back by fallout from the recession.


A sizeable number of businesses are still cautious about the economic recovery, fearing that spending too much is what got the nation into its recent financial problems in the first place. However, the old adage rings true, you really do need to spend money to make money - it is merely the case that investments need to be made in the right areas and that extravagant spending should not be done merely for its own sake.

Those not planning for growth and not making sensible investments are likely to find that they are left behind as the economy improves further. As such, now is the time to use excess capital or seek funds from the many options available to make positive investments into the future of a company.

The right investments

Of course, investing in the company doesn’t mean that businesses have to spend everything they have and whilst investment and growth are both important, so is tempering the urge to spend as much as one can possibly afford to. As such, for companies looking to grow in the most focussed and effective manner, it will be wise to shop around for deals rather than simply diving in to buy the first option one finds.

At Trucks Direct UK we have a range of perfect forklift solutions for businesses of any size. Whilst upgrading machinery or investing in one’s first forklift will be important to help them maximise efficiency and increase potential, there is no need to buy the newest and most expensive truck on the market. Instead, by sourcing one of our high-quality, fully-certified second hand vehicles, companies could get all the usability and longevity they need from such a vehicle at a fraction of the price of a brand new option.

With financial indicators looking extremely positive, right now is the perfect time to invest in the future of a business. However, that doesn’t mean companies should pay more than they need to for the assets that will help them succeed.

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