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  • Choosing the ideal forklifts...

    Before you go ahead and spend your money on used forklifts it’s important that you make sure the products are perfect for you. There are so many vehicles on the market for you to choose from these days that it would be a shame to rush the process and end up with versions that don’t meet all of your requirements.

    Here at Trucks Direct we sell a whole range of superb trucks and should have exactly what you’re after.


    You might be interested in the selection of diesel forklifts that we have to offer. These machines have a range of benefits. For example, they can be significantly more powerful than other trucks, which may be welcome if your firm deals with large and heavy objects or has to work at speed. Also, these trucks feature engines that are easy to maintain and they demand just half of the cost of running gas-powered versions. In addition, they can be refuelled instantly and they tend to have a higher residual value than LPG or electric machines.

    Of course, there are certain potential compromises you’ll have to make too. Diesel trucks have relatively high fume emissions and noise levels, meaning they can be unsuitable for indoor use.

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