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  • Forklift Truck Power Options...

    In general, forklift trucks are powered either by electric battery, diesel fuel or liquefied gas. Each of these power options has its own relative benefits

    Electric powered trucks

    Electric powered forklift trucks are quieter and more manoeuvrable than engine powered equivalents (due to the weight and concentrated mass of the battery). In fact, electric trucks are easier to drive in general than engine powered machines as they only have an accelerator and a brake pedal. Indeed, there is no clutch pedal or inching pedal, and the operator does not have to rev the engine for fast lift or hill starting. In addition, battery electric forklifts are the most environmentally friendly as they expel no fumes and emit no harmful emissions.

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  • Forklift Trucks for Your Growing Commercial Business...

    If you run a small yet successful commercial business then you may well have a forklift truck operating in your dispatch area. Indeed, your forklift might well be the hardest working piece of equipment in your operation, especially if you are bucking the trend and doing rather well in the current economic climate.

    Of course, if you want your business to grow and develop, you will most likely need to invest in some more forklift trucks at some point down the line. However, like many small business owners, you may not be overly aware of what to look for when buying a new forklift. Of course, you will want a truck that is reliable; but, in truth, all forklift trucks are pretty reliable these days. What you really need to consider when buying a forklift is how it will benefit your own particular operation.

    Fortunately, the forklift industry has developed enormously over the last few decades and as a result there are now far more options available than just the basic diesel-powered trucks of yesteryear. In fact, most of the forklift trucks manufactured in the last 20 come complete with a whole range of options that can benefit a variety of industries and environments.

    When it comes to choosing a suitable truck to buy, you simply need to determine which options will be the most beneficial to your operation. The most important aspects to consider in this respect are:

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