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  • Driving Forklifts as a Career...

    Driving Forklifts as a Career

    Our business is about covering all the bases when it comes to your investment in used forklifts and tailored driver training. We run training courses for novice drivers as well as refresher courses for those looking to re-enter the forklift cab.

    We make our business by selling certified used forklift vehicles and training you, but can you form a career from driving a forklift? Here’s some professionally prepared info for folks thinking of heading into the forklift truck driving trade.

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  • The versatility of forklift trucks...

    The versatility of forklift trucks

    Without forklifts, many of the tasks your firm engages in on a regular basis may prove impossible. These vehicles make what would otherwise be extremely labour intensive, potentially dangerous and in many cases unmanageable tasks simple and quick.

    They can be useful on construction sites, helping to transport heavy building materials over long distances and across rough terrain. Meanwhile, haulage firms can use truck-mounted versions, which can be quickly offloaded and used to remove deliveries from trailers.

    Their presence is also often a must in warehouses, where they're used for loading and unloading trucks and transporting items from place to place. They also come in handy for stacking shelves. Meanwhile, these trucks are a common sight at dockyards.

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