The Right Forklift Trucks Could Vastly Increase Warehouse Space

Almost any business will, at some time or another, find themselves constrained by physical limitations. In such cases, either productivity will be lost or excessive costs will be encountered as companies find they have to move premises or alter their entire approach to working to ensure they can continue to grow and evolve.

When it comes to warehouse space, physical limitations can be overcome in many different ways - not merely by utilising vertical space more effectively, but also by maximising the amount of floor space that can be utilised for storage and stock control.

In many instances, warehouse space will be limited due to the need for forklift trucks to successfully navigate aisles to retrieve and move large and heavy items, or those items stored at a certain height. However, by switching ordinary forklifts for Bendi forklift trucks, companies could find that they could increase their available storage space by as much as a third, narrowing aisles without compromising efficiency or safety.

Buying a new truck may in itself may seem to some to be an investment that simply isn’t feasible. Yet, finding the right forklift truck for your needs doesn’t have to cost a fortune. By choosing to buy used forklift trucks, you could find that you have access to the perfect solution for your needs without it costing you a significant amount of money. Furthermore, the increased revenue that could be generated by increasing storage and space, and the added efficiency that can be promoted through creating a more navigable workplace can both ensure that such investments pay for themselves in no time at all. For others, avoiding having to move to new premises could itself save vast amounts of money and upheaval.

Using a Bendi truck will also allow users to access spaces that were once out of bounds, meaning that even without changing the layout of aisles, spaces can be utilised far more efficiently.

Added Benefits of Increased Capacity

Bendi trucks increase space and productivity by being far more compact without compromising on safety or usability. They are perfect for those with smaller spaces or those who simply need to maximise the space they have. However, increasing warehouse capacity is not just about allowing companies to store more stock and in turn generate more profit.

In some cases, the use of Bendi trucks may allow other areas of a warehouse space to be used for other purposes, increasing the scope and potential of a business. In other cases, sections of saved space could be rented out to other companies to further boost profits. Furthermore, by being able to organise warehouses in a different way, companies may be able to create a space that is more intuitive, more navigable and safer at the same time.

Other Ways to Increase Space

For those who truly want to make more of their space, there are other steps that can be taken to increase warehouse capacity. Whether to avoid upscaling to new premises or whether to simply help businesses satisfy increased levels of custom for specific periods of the year, articulated forklifts can become just one piece of the puzzle.

By clearing out old stock, redesigning the workspace or even simply outsourcing a certain amount of your storage and stock control, utilising space more effectively will allow you to be more productive, more competitive and far safer all at the same time.

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