Where to Start When Buying a Used Forklift Truck

When buying a used forklift, you won’t want to simply sacrifice quality for the sake of cost. After all, no matter how much you pay for your forklifts they will still be very important investments and finding the perfect vehicle for your own needs could make a huge difference to how efficient and safe your workspace is.

There will be many different things to take into account when considering a used forklift, and from the quality and scope of the vehicle to how suitable it is for your own needs, taking the time to choose may well mean the difference between a vehicle you use constantly and one that can only rarely be utilised.

At Trucks Direct, we offer the very lowest prices in the UK for used forklift trucks and a price match guarantee to ensure you will always be getting the best deal. Furthermore, we offer finance options, a 12 month LOLER certificate and an extended warranty on all our vehicles. As such, when it comes to value for money, you can be sure you will be getting the best possible solution when you buy from us, but when it comes to practicality there will still be a number of things to think about.


The first thing to look at when choosing a forklift truck is how big it is . Not only will you need to choose a forklift based on the height and weight of the loads that need lifting, but you will also need to think about how easily trucks will be able to move in your workspace.

When it comes to weight, always try to buy a truck that can handle twice the heaviest load you plan to move, and try to give yourself a little extra room to manoeuvre in terms of height, buying trucks that can extend slightly above the height you expect to need them to. After all, if processes or needs begin to vary, you do not want to have to be buying new trucks all over again simply to satisfy a very slight change.

In terms of usability, if you are using trucks in smaller spaces, you will want a narrow-aisle solution. It may even be that opting for such a truck allows you to redesign your entire workspace and make far more use of your potential capacity as a result.


Will you be using the truck inside or outside, or will it be a mixture of both? On the whole, you are likely to find that electric forklifts are used inside and that diesel or gas are used most commonly outside. However, again, it may be that the location dictates everything from size to engine capacity if you wish to get the most suitable solution for your needs. After all, you don’t want to be changing gas tanks every twenty minutes if your trucks are to be used in a vast outside area.


Whilst fuel choices will be informed partly by where you plan to use your truck, they may well be informed by many other variables too. For example, those that wish to reduce their carbon footprint or impress with their eco-friendly attitude may find that electric forklifts are perfect for them, whatever the environment, whilst those businesses that are active 24/7 and therefore cannot spare lengthy amounts of time to charge up their vehicles may find that diesel or gas trucks are better alternatives.

That being said, those using trucks indoors will not want to pollute their working environment with fumes and therefore will almost certainly need to look at choosing an electric truck.


Buying a used forklift could save you a fortune, and whilst some will want new trucks merely for aesthetic reasons, most companies will find that used options are far more rewarding. Eliminating the huge depreciation costs and increasing the range of options available, whilst at the same time reducing the initial cost and potentially removing the need to take out finance plans, for most companies, choosing used options will make far more sense all round.

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