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Combilift Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK have a vast range of CombiLift forklifts for sale. If you are looking for a forklift which will allow you to move long and awkward loads you need to look no further. Due to their exceptional maneuverability, CombiLift fork trucks allow you to maximise your storage space in warehouses.

Combi forklifts are available in 3 engine options: diesel, electric and LPG. Each engine type has its own unique advantages. By manufacturing each engine type, Combi Forklifts provide an option for all applications.

CombiLift was established in 1998 and has now become a global leader of customised handling solutions and long-load handling. They manufacture multi-directional forklifts, sideloader forklifts and many different types of warehouse equipment. They also manufacture articulated forklifts through their well established AisleMaster brand.

By purchasing a multi-directional Combi Lift truck you have the potential to reduce your fleet due to its multipurpose design. This is particularly good for small startup businesses. Thanks to the multi-directional travel of these Combi forklift trucks, you can potentially reduce risks and prevent accidents.

Combilift forklifts understand the need for the driver to be comfortable and puts effort into the ergonomic design of each unit. With no compromises on build quality, your employee will constantly have excellent visibility and benefit from comfortable posture during usage of a CombiLift forklifts.

Combi forklifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor tasks. They are suitable for many working environments and are especially useful where bulky or long loads require movement. CombiLift fork trucks can lift heavy loads and are stable when moving. More information about weight capacities and other specifications can be found on each individual product page.

Used Combilift Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK has a wide range of Combilift forklifts for sale. Buying a used forklift is a cost-effective option in comparison to buying new. As Combi Lifts are robust and easy to maintain, you can be sure your used Combi forklift will be operational for many years after you purchase it.

Used Combilifts are an ideal purchase for both small start-up companies and larger organisations. By choosing to buy a used forklift, you will save a large amount on upfront costs and will also benefit from the availability of easy to purchase spare parts when the unit requires servicing or repairs.

If you are looking for well maintained used Combilift fork trucks, we have a wide range of used Combilifts for sale which will be a great solution for you and your business. We also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case the chosen track cannot be matched within the industry. Additionally, all of CombiLifts for sale on our website have full Health & Safety LOLER certificates and have been inspected by an accredited forklift expert.

Further Advice and Information

If you are interested in a CombiLift fork truck and would like further information, please call us on 0121 344 4744 or enquire through the website now.

As a leading provider of forklift trucks, we stock a wide range of forklifts including traditional reach forklifts, articulated forklifts and 4 wheel forklifts. We aim to stock popular forklifts and always buy units that have proven to be well maintained and serviced throughout their lifespan.

If you are interested in a particular forklift that we do not currently have in stock, feel free to contact us to discuss. We are happy to help you source any particular forklift and will be able to alert you when we find a forklift that meets your requirements.

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