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Gas forklift trucks have been designed to provide extensive use on a daily basis, with lifting capacities from 1000kgs to 5000kgs. At Trucks Direct UK Ltd, we offer gas forklifts for sale or hire to suit various budgets, from new start-ups through to established businesses. These forklifts offer a quieter performance than their diesel counterparts, without creating as many emissions or soot particles – making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Gas forklift trucks are powered by a gas bottle which is either refillable or interchangeable, and, unlike electric models, they can run continuously with no need for downtime. Compact forklift gas trucks are easily manoeuvrable in comparison to diesel forklifts, as they feature solid cushion tyres and a compact chassis; this can make all the difference in areas which require careful navigation and more precise control.

Our used gas forklifts are powered by LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas), and remain extremely popular due to both our affordable pricing and their suitability for indoor and outdoor use. As the engines are loosely based on car engines, parts are always available at competitive prices.

As our forklifts feature highly responsive engines, they offer travel speeds, rates of acceleration and lift speeds which often outperform electric and diesel rivals.

Here at Trucks Direct UK Ltd, we can provide a wide array of used forklifts, all available for hire or purchase at incredibly competitive prices.