How To Safely Operate Your Forklift Truck In The Rain


Autumn is now very much upon us, which means the rainy weather is coming. Unfortunately, despite the cold and wet conditions, work does not cease - which means forklifts will still need to be operated, in a safe manner. 


When operating a forklift truck, safety should always be the number one priority - so the Trucks Direct UK team have put together some tips to help you deal with the inevitably rainy conditions. 


Take it slow


Just like when driving a car in the rain, it is very important that you take extra care when manoeuvring your forklift truck. We recommend just taking things slowly and being more cautious of your surroundings. 


Almost 100% of all modern forklifts are water-resistant and splash-safe, meaning the rain won’t pose any risk to the forklift or operator safety - but the breaks will be a little less responsive, and the forks will be slick. Just take your time to ensure your safety at all times. 


Be mindful of visibility


When working in the rain, this is guaranteed to reduce your visibility - which should be a top priority in all weather conditions, but is especially important in the rain. Therefore, if you do find yourself working in the rain you need to make sure that the safety lights of your forklifts are working, which will help you avoid any potential accidents from occurring. If any bulbs need to be replaced this needs to be completed before working in low visibility conditions. 


The forklift operators themselves also need to be highly visible, which is why it is important to wear reflective and high-visibility clothing, especially in areas with vehicle traffic and heavy machinery.


Rain appropriate gear


Forklift operators should always be dressed appropriately to their conditions, and this is no exception in the rain. As we have already touched upon, working in the rain can cause slippery surfaces and limited visibility, so the appropriate rain gear should reflect these hazards. By investing in high-quality rain fear, this will help the operators to keep focused despite the inclement weather. 


The material being worn needs to be highly ventilated and can be worn comfortably - such as wool or synthetic which are a good choice especially when the weather is cold. Gloves should also be worn, which feature a strong, slip-proof grip. They should be adequately tight and long enough to allow your raincoat sleeve to prevent water from entering. One other essential piece of rain gear should be boots, which need to have treads so that the operators can walk on slippery surfaces - preventing any potential falls. 




By preparing to operate your forklifts in the rain, this will ensure you are carrying out your everyday tasks in a safe and efficient manner. Poor visibility and wet, slippery surfaces can cause a whole manner of different accidents, which is why it is very important to follow the guidelines we have set out for you. 


Here at Trucks Direct UK, we are experts in the industry and proudly supply a number of different forklifts. If you are searching for a specific vehicle, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team. By calling us on 0121 344 4744, you will be able to speak to one of our consultants who will be happy to assist. 

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