How To Stop Your Forklift Truck From Tipping Over


Forklifts can be very dangerous pieces of equipment, which are designed to lift many times their own weight. These pieces of machinery tipping over are one of the leading causes of forklift operator injury and fatal accidents in yards and warehouses, which is why it is very important to ensure that these accidents are avoided. 


Tip-overs are one of the frequently occurring incidences in a busy work environment. If you would like to understand some of the tips we have put together, please feel free to carry on reading. 


Securely climb onto the forklift 


When climbing onto the forklift, it is important to carry out the three-point technique. This involves making three points of contact with the forklift, by grabbing onto secure parts of the machinery with each hand and putting one foot securely on the forklift.


Be aware of your surroundings


You need to ensure that when operating your forklift, you avoid loose objects, bumps, or depressions in the floor. These collisions could cause you to lose control of the steering, bring the forklift to a sudden stop, or tip the forklift - which can be incredibly dangerous. Also, when on smooth indoor surfaces, the forks need to be kept as low as possible - normally only three or four inches off the floor. 


Keep safe inside of the forklift 


If you are operating the forklift, all limbs should be kept inside the vehicle. This is especially important when you are driving in reverse, because if you wrap your hand around any outside guards and the lift runs into something, your hand will be crushed. 


Also, if the forklift truck has a safety belt you are always required to wear it. The seat belt will also protect you from being thrown out of the cabin, as jumping out of the vehicle increases the potential risk of serious injury. The result of trying to escape can cause serious injuries, as you could get pinned down - which can cause serious injury or even death. 


Keep the load balanced


Forklifts are used to carry heavy loads, but when this isn’t balanced, neither is the forklift - which will inevitably cause the forklift to tip over. Before operating the equipment, take your time and make sure that the load is centred as much as possible so it is not leaning from one side or the other. 


How can Trucks Direct UK help you?


Using our extensive knowledge and understanding within the industry, we can provide you with one of the highest quality forklifts. We have an experienced and accredited team that can carry out thorough examinations through our own quality assurance procedure, covering both the LOLER 1998 and PUWER 1998 regulations. No matter whether you would like to find a forklift which is powered by a certain kind of fuel that has proved difficult or whether you simply need a truck of a specific size to suit your processes, we will have a solution for everyone.


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