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Jungheinrich Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK has many Jungheinrich forklifts for sale. Jungheinrich have been manufacturing their quality forklifts since 1953. Originating from Germany, Jungheinrich manufacture each unit using expertise gained through German and European research & development. Jungheinrich brought their manufacturing to the UK in 1963 and now operate from their head office in Milton Keynes.

Jungheinrich provides a wide range of material handling equipment, including reach trucks, VNA trucks, pallet trucks, tow tractors and counterbalance forklift trucks.

Jungheinrich fork trucks are available in electric, LPG and gas. Each operating type has its own advantages. We would strongly recommend using gas / LPG forklifts for outdoor usage. Jungheinrich forklift trucks are available with a combination engine that uses both LPG and gas. Electric forklifts are best suited to indoor use and are an ideal option for warehouse with a low to medium weight requirement. Electric Jungheinrich forklifts can be used outside, but they are best suited to indoor usage. If you are unsure which fuel/energy type is best suited to your requirements, our helpful sales team can provide you with leading advice.

Jungheinrich forklift trucks are available in 3 wheel or 4 wheel options. 3 wheel units tend to be better for narrow aisles and warehouse environments where manoeuvrability is a primary concern. Whereas 4 wheel forklifts are great for outdoor environments where the terrain is tougher. 4 wheel options are also better at handling heavier weights, due to there being four points that are in contact with the ground, creating more stability.

Used Jungheinrich Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK has a wide range of used Jungheinrich forklifts for sale. If you’re looking for a used Jungheinrich forklift, we keep stock of many gas, LPG and electric units meaning you can find the right truck for your requirements.

The main advantage of purchasing a used forklift is that you benefit from significantly lower upfront costs. And if you buy forklift trucks from a reputable dealer, you can be assured that the forklift you buy will be fully functioning with no issues.

Trucks Direct UK ensures that any unit that we stock is in full working condition and that the previous owner took good care of the unit, keeping up annual maintenance and servicing.

When we gain new stock, we ensure that it has passed the LOLER examination before it is delivered to you. The LOLER examination is an annual mandatory requirement under the Health & Safety legislation. By ensuring each unit gains it’s certificate before being sent out, we ensure that you are able to drive your new forklift from the minute it is delivered to you.

If you’re looking for used Jungheinrich fork trucks, we come highly recommended. And if you decide that Jungheinrich fork trucks aren’t necessarily for you, we stock a wide range of alternative forklifts, all of which can be explored at our showroom.

Further Advice and Information

If you require any further information about Jungheinrich forklift trucks, feel free to contact us. We are available on the phone by calling 0121 314 5645. Alternatively, you can contact us directly through the website. All forklifts that we stock are listed on the website. When listed, they are displayed with full specification details and also include multiple images to help you decide whether the unit is the right forklift for you. We have worked with leading organisations including BBC, NHS and HM Prison Service and we know that we can provide you with a service that comes second to none.

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