Our Forklift Safety Tips For Beginners

 When working within a warehouse environment, forklifts are an ideal piece of machinery which can help businesses operate efficiently and with ease. However, if not used correctly they can be a very dangerous piece of equipment which can lead to significant injuries and damage. To help reduce the risk, the team at Trucks Direct UK have put together some of our top tips for increasing forklift safety. 


Only qualified operators 


It is important that only individuals who have received proper training, authorization, and licensing are permitted to operate material handling equipment such as forklifts. Within the UK, it is essential to have undergone certified Forklift Training which is accredited to either RTITB, ITSAAR, ALLMI, NPORS or AITT. Although this is not a legally required document, an operator should never be driving a forklift at their employer’s premises without the certification. 


Carry out daily inspections 


Forklift trucks should be inspected thoroughly before every shift, including performing designated daily safety checks. These safety checks include checking the operation of the lift, tire pressure, the battery, test steering and brakes, and making sure that the lights and horn are working. If there are any problems with the piece of machinery, they should be reported and the truck should be removed from service. 


Respect forklift capacity 


Before using the forklift, the operator should know the load capacity as displayed on the rating plate and avoid overloading the truck. By overloading a forklift, this could cause unnecessary danger and damage - potentially seriously or fatally injuring personnel. Counterweights should never be used to try to increase the load capacity, which includes the weight of any attachments. Make sure also that your load is secure and stable, using ropes, bindings, and other tools to further secure the load.


Keep your forklift stable


Forklift instability occurs when a forklift loses its balance due to improper material handling or operation. When carrying a heavy load, carefully steer the forklift and make sure that the weight of the load is concentrated mostly towards the front wheels and forks under the load as far as possible to ensure optimal stability. 


Be alert and attentive

As we have already mentioned, it can be very dangerous if you are operating a forklift - especially if you are not paying attention. Therefore, always be alert and attentive, ensuring to avoid any hazards on the floor such as slippery or unstable surfaces, bumps and holes. You should also alert others of your coming with a horn or your voice, keeping yourself a safe distance from people and from other trucks. 


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