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Reach Forklift Trucks from Trucks Direct UK

Reach trucks are one of the most used warehouse forklifts for sale in the UK and throughout the world. In any warehouse application where storage density and fast storage and retrieval of goods are required, Reach trucks are used.

They are called Reach fork trucks because they have a moving mast which allows them to work in narrow aisles as small as 2700mm. Every Reach forklift truck has a narrow chassis compared with the standard chassis of 2950mm. The load is carried partly within the footprint/body of the Reach forklift while being transported, which is why they are able to work in narrower aisles than counterbalance machines; with the mast of the Reach truck and the load reaching forward to place the load into pallet racking.

Reach fork lift trucks are generally fitted with very high capacity batteries so they are capable of intensive use in various applications. Some models can lift up to an incredible 11000mm of high density of stored goods, which is why Reach forklift trucks are so widely used by the transport and logistics industry. Along with the great lift heights, a Reach truck can offer increased storage capacity and will also take greater weights to height than a counterbalance truck.

At Trucks Direct UK we offer pedestrian forklifts for hire with a wide range of models suitable for warehouse use. As one of the largest and most experienced providers of reach fork lift hire in the UK, we are well-placed to offer high performance models at competitive rates.