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Reach Forklifts for Sale

Trucks Direct UK has a wide range of reach trucks for sale. We stock leading brands includings Linde, Nissan, Yale, Hyster, Crown and more.

Reach trucks are one of the most popular warehouse forklifts for sale in the UK and throughout the world. In any warehouse application where storage density and fast storage & retrieval of goods are required, reach forklifts are used.

They are called reach forklifts because they have a moving mast which allows them to work in narrow aisles as small as 2700mm. Every reach forklift truck has a narrow chassis compared with the standard chassis of 2950mm. The load is carried partly within the footprint/body of the reach forklift while being transported, which is why they are able to work in narrower aisles than counterbalance machines; with the mast of the reach truck and the load reaching forward to place the load into pallet racking.

Reach forklift trucks are generally fitted with very high capacity batteries so they are capable of intensive use in various applications. Some models can lift up to an incredible 11000mm of high density of stored goods, which is why reach forklift trucks are so widely used by the transport and logistics industry. Along with the great lift heights, a reach truck can offer increased storage capacity and will also take greater weight and height compared to a counterbalance truck.

If you require a machine that can work in smaller aisles and a traditional reach forklift truck is not suitable for your requirements, consider buying a VNA truck. We stock a wide range of articulated forklifts that are perfect storage buildings with tight aisles.

Used Reach Forklift Trucks

We have a wide range of used reach forklift for sale. As reach forklifts are easy to maintain and have a long life span, you can be assured that a used reach truck will benefit your business. Whilst a new forklift sounds like a good option, second hand reach forklifts that have been looked after well by their previous owner will provide you with years of usage at a much smaller down payment compared to buying new.

We only stock used reach forklifts that are in good visual and working condition. We always fully inspect used units before purchasing them. Our reputation as a leading used forklift dealer comes from years of experience buying and selling forklifts that are in great condition. Our team of accredited employees fully check every unit we purchase to ensure they are fit for usage before sale. All forklifts sold by us come with a LOLER certificate, meaning they are operational from the minute they are delivered to you.

Further Advice and Information

If you require any further advice or information about any reach trucks for sale feel free to call our sales team on 0121 314 6648 or contact us directly through the website. We are happy to help you understand what type of forklift is best suited to your requirements. Our team will be able to discuss the advantages of any reach forklifts that we have for sale and can advise you as to whether a reach truck is best suited to you. If you decide a reach truck isn’t the best option for your requirements, we can discuss alternatives such as articulated forklifts. We are a leading forklift truck dealer and have sold our forklifts to a wide range of customers. We would love to add you to our portfolio of happy customers.

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