Should I Buy A Used Or New Forklift Truck?

When working in a warehouse environment, forklifts are one of the most important pieces of machinery you can own. The power of a forklift truck can boost internal safety, efficiency and profitability of the organisation, helping to transport heavy goods and materials. They are heavy and robust pieces of machinery that can do the job of many men and in much quicker time, so they are definitely worth the investment. 


However, many businesses face the problem of whether to purchase a brand new forklift, or a used model. To help you understand the factors you need to take into consideration, the Trucks Direct UK team have put together this guide to help you. 


Consider your requirements


Despite your brand new forklift potentially looking spectacular in your warehouse, it is important to understand that a used forklift truck could be a better choice for your business so that you get the best value for your investment. Even chatting to a sales representative, such as the team at Trucks Direct UK, will help you evaluate a specific make and model before making a purchase. 




As much as many industry professionals would love to purchase a brand new forklift, sometimes budget constraints cannot stretch to this. Investing in a brand new piece of equipment can be seen as rather unnecessary, especially because a used forklift will often be much cheaper than a brand new model, even if they have only been lightly used. 


The price you pay for a brand new forklift is sometimes sufficient to cover two used forklifts, which means you are effectively able to purchase a high-quality and high-performing piece of equipment for much less of its market value. 


Similar to when purchasing a brand new car, a forklift will depreciate in value the moment you start using it - which means a used variant can potentially deliver a much better return on investment. The money saved could actually be invested in the purchase of a vehicle of a higher specification and capacity, which might be beyond your set budget when brand new.


Familiarity in equipment


If your truck operators are used to a certain type of forklift, newer models may have different ergonomic features that might be unfamiliar to your team. By purchasing a completely new model, this could cost a lot more in the long run as you will have to invest your time and money on training before the equipment could even be used. 


However, if you decide to buy an older model, you can take into consideration the pre-existing knowledge and expertise of your forklift operator with older equipment. This could save you time and effort and will allow you to put your machinery to work straight away. 




Used forklifts are always the preferred option, as you putting your money into a forklift that will serve your needs and your goals - but at a more realistic price. However, it is vital to choose the one that best performs the kind of work you need it for most, as well as secondary tasks.


Within the workplace, different tasks and applications usually require different types of lifting equipment, and there are so many refurbished trucks on the market. Therefore, it would be a much better option to speak to a team of professionals - such as Trucks Direct UK - to find a truck that best suits your processes. 


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