The Common Uses Of a Forklift

 Whether you own, are looking to purchase or just show an interest in industrial vehicles, then it may be worth knowing the most common uses of a forklift. This is because they can be used for a variety of reasons in multiple surroundings, including in both indoors and outdoors environments. 


To ensure that you can obtain the very best understanding of common uses of a forklift, the specialist team at Trucks Direct UK have come together to unite their knowledge and understanding to create this comprehensive guide to help you. 


Different types of forklifts


Before we look into the general uses of a forklift, it’s vital to first gain a better overview of the different types of forklifts that are traditionally used in a number of different industries. 


  • Counterbalance forklift truck: Being the most common lift truck on the market, the counterbalance forklift is primarily used to pick up pallets straight on, whilst maintaining balance through weight in the back of the vehicle.

  • Side loader: Ideal for transporting wide and long loads in narrow aisles, the side loaders transports its goods at the side of the truck compared to in front of the vehicle. 

  • Reach trucks: Designed primarily for forklift operations at great heights, the reach truck is capable of extending its fork beyond the compartment to load and unload items with ease. 

  • Flexi trucks: Based similarly on the counterbalance and reach truck, the flexi forklift’s front wheels have the capabilities to move independently from the main body of the truck. This enables the operator to manoeuvre in confined environments whilst transporting items.




It’s likely within a warehouse operation that products and materials will be stored in a stacking formation, predominantly on shelving, which is traditionally due to the use of a forklift. This is because a forklift can be used in order to load, transport and unload goods with ease even at great heights. It’s also often the case that order pickers will use a forklift so that they can easily locate and pick-out selective items. 




By using a forklift on a construction site, operators are able to easily move heavy loads across long distances without the need of stopping and potentially damaging materials. With specialist forklifts available including rough terrain trucks, they can be used all year round, as well as for both for internal and external projects. Most firms now carry around a truck-mounted forklift so that they can assist with loading and unloading trucks with the construction materials, though it’s important that the construction firm has a forklift prepared in order to transport the items thereafter. 


Recycling operations


Recycling centres are often full of a range of large quantities of materials and waste that needs sorting and transporting across rough and confined areas, which is where a forklift is ideal. By utilising the various attachments available, as well as the extending height reach, the operator is able to pick up and transport a wide array of wastage across long distances to compile them in specific zones. 




More likely for industry forklifts, they are a great approach in order to load and unload ships, lorries and other vehicles thanks to its ability to navigate in narrow aisles with the precision whilst carrying large loads. Traditionally the operator will use a pallet truck as its forks are specifically designed to handle crates of products and shipping containers, however, various attachments will be used in different scenarios. 


Personnel access


Instead of leasing a bucket truck or crane to help lift employees to higher areas, a forklift can also assist. Using a mounted access platform, the truck operator is able to lift up personnel in a safe approach so that they can reach greater heights for various reasons such as picking products, cleaning, maintenance work and much more. 


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