Top Tips For Cleaning Your Forklift Truck


Within a warehouse, the forklift is likely in continuous action during working hours - which means it can get dirty rather quickly. Even if your forklift is only used indoors, dust, soot and cobwebs can also collect around your trucks, leaving them in need of a well-deserved clean. By keeping your forklift clean this can help to lengthen its life, reduce the risk of any faults occurring and keep it in the best possible condition for its purpose within your establishment. 


Use a pressure washer


A pressure washer can be a really effective way of cleaning your forklift with as little effort as possible, as it is incredibly powerful and is the best form of giving a deep clean to forklifts. Pressure washers work by blasting water at high velocity, and the power of this water stream is often sufficient to lift stains and mildew without the need for harmful chemicals.


This method is a safer option than using regular soap and water, as it blasts away at the dirt, removing more of the ingrained dust and mud. By using a pressure washer, this also removes the risk of encountering potentially hazardous substances such as battery acid or antifreeze, when carrying out the clean. 


A pressure washer is also very time saving, eliminating the need for incredibly time-consuming work and offering various advantages in terms of economy, cleaning results and environmental impact. Cleaning tasks, such as washing your forklift truck, can be carried out efficiently and cost-effectively - to the highest of standards. 


Use personal protective equipment 


When cleaning a forklift, it is essential that PPE is used in order to protect the individual from exposure to any form of hazardous materials. Examples of these hazardous materials include any chemicals spilt from a material handling operation, antifreeze or battery acid. It helps to prevent staff emergencies on the job due to inhalation, absorption, irritants, or other prolonged contacts with a cleaning chemical. 


For example, if using a pressure washer, it is important to keep a safe distance from the forklift and wear protective clothing, goggles and gloves if necessary. Every job has its own hazards, and cleaning is no different. 


Clean from the top to the bottom


No matter what you are using to clean the forklift, it is always a lot easier to start from the top of the forklift and work your way down. Once disturbed, dirt will just move downwards which means you can clean the forklift quickly and effectively without having to cover the same parts more than once. 


Use a brush or a broom to remove any dirt, rust or mud that might have accumulated on it, brushing in a downward motion to remove the dirt to the ground. Once the larger areas have been concentrated on for some time, detailing and polishing can commence. 




Cleaning your forklifts properly is a quick and easy way to ensure your forklifts always look new and professional, while ensuring that you get the maximum life out of each of your trucks. Here at Trucks Direct UK, we are a dedicated company who hold great pride in sustaining our exceptional reputation for our customer support and reliability. We are specialists in forklift trucks and have a wide range of used models available in our showroom. 


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