Which Forklift Is Best For Heavy Lifting?

 When looking into the world of forklifts, you will soon recognise that there are several different options available, each with its own purpose. However, one of the primary reasons that your forklift may be required is for heavy lifting, which is why we are going to be focusing this blog on what forklift is best for heavy lifting. 


Understanding your needs


Before evaluating what forklift is most suitable, you must have a clear understanding of the needs of the forklift. One of the most important variables that can influence what forklift is best is the lift height that will be required. This is solely down to the fact that some trucks are wholly designed for heights, whereas most traditional trucks aren’t designed to extend further than its current height. Additional variables that will influence this include:


  • Indoor or outdoor usage

  • Ergonomics

  • The type of items you are transporting

  • Space for movement of the vehicle 


Heavy-duty forklifts


As the name remarks, heavy-duty forklifts are primarily designed for transporting heavy loads with ease. With lifting capabilities ranging from 8 up to 48 tons, they are capable of lifting heavy duty-applications to a reasonable height without additional support and assistance. However, it’s worth noting that these trucks are commonly powered via diesel which is not always favoured by some operators, though it's the diesel engine that makes the forklift so powerful.


Reach trucks


One of the downsides of heavy-duty forklifts is the fact that they aren’t designed to reach great heights, which is where a reach truck is perfect. Commonly found in warehouses and storage facilities, reach trucks allow operators to transport, load and unload items at great heights. Additionally, these trucks can be available in most fuel types, which is vital seeing as reach trucks are more likely to be used indoors.


Truck-mounted forklifts


Despite being attached to the rear or underbody of a lorry for most of its life, truck-mounted forklifts show their true power in heavy lifting situations. When in operation, they can cover ground reasonably quickly, which is vital in loading and unloading situations that require efficiency.  




For those that require the ability to reach higher levels, but in narrow aisles, a side-loader will allow you to transport items on the side of the vehicle rather than in front which is how most of the other forklifts operate. 


Purchase from us


If you are now interested in upgrading your forklift to a truck that is capable of heavy lifting, then we are certain we can assist. As one of the UK’s largest independent used forklift retailers, our product range varies from basic petrol & diesel forklifts to reach and side-loaders, so we are confident that we will have a vehicle that will meet your requirements. 


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