Why Is It Important To Service Your Forklift Regularly?


Everyone knows the importance of regular car services. But what about a forklift truck? Do you need to have this serviced? The answer is yes. Whether you purchased a new or refurbished forklift it is the same as any other piece of machinery and servicing is just as important. 


Regular servicing and preventative maintenance are there to help ensure your forklift can operate at maximum performance. Below we have highlighted some of the reasons it’s important to ensure your forklift is regularly serviced. 


Avoid accidents


When operating a forklift, you are in charge of a heavy piece of machinery that is capable of lifting heavy loads and of reaching pretty fast speeds. Together, these things can be a lethal combination in a machine that, for example, has faulty breaks, hydraulics or steering. 


Unfortunately, each year, there are far too many reported forklift accidents as a result of faulty forklifts. Even more frustratingly, these accidents are usually caused by problems that can be easily avoided. By ensuring you carry out regular services you can spot, fix and prevent faults and avoid any accidents caused by faulty forklifts. 


Improve productivity


Forklifts are essential to the day-to-day workings of many businesses, but to ensure productivity they need to operate at maximum efficiency and full capacity. If your forklift regularly breaks down it will dramatically slow down productivity which is always bad news for your business. Missing deadlines will cause delays, add stress, cost you your reputation and your business a lot of money. 


You can trust that by completing a regular service on all of your forklifts will ensure that you can count on them to work efficiently at all times. Not only will they work efficiently but they will also keep going for longer.  


Catch problems early 


When you have your forklift regularly serviced, your entire machine will be thoroughly checked. Meaning, not only will the mechanic find any current issues but they will also be able to detect any potential future issues, to fix them before they cause much bigger and destructive problems. 


We can assure you that catching any problems early will save you an awful lot of money. Small changes and adjustments are so much cheaper than having to repair huge faults such as a failing engine. Keep your forklift costs down with your regular service. 


Increased longevity


Forklifts aren’t cheap and having to purchase a new one every year will be incredibly costly to your business. They are used regularly to complete repetitive work which will cause wear and tear. Tyres, breaks, the lifting mechanism and hydraulics will all be heavily hit, but problems with them are not always obvious to the untrained eye.


Your service can identify these issues and make you aware of any wear and tear. Like all other pieces of machinery, a regular service will also help ensure that you can use your current forklift for many years to come. After the service and any maintenance required is conducted, your forklift will be like new again with any potential problems being fixed - so it can continue to be used as normal. 




Many people think that their daily, weekly or monthly checks replace their service and this is never the case. If you’re unsure as to how frequently you require a service, seek assistance from a professional company that will be able to advise you further. There are many factors that can alter the time needed between your forklift service such as the temperature of your warehouse, the type of floor you have and the amount of moisture present. 


If you think that you need to purchase a new forklift truck, as you need additional trucks in your business then visit Trucks Direct UK. As reliable forklift dealers, you can trust that you will get a new or fully refurbished forklift for a very reasonable price ensuring that you can carry on working as normal. 

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