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As the name suggests, a 1 tonne forklift can lift loads of up to 1000 kg. Depending on the make and model of a forklift, this can be slightly more. It is important to not exceed the max weight capacity of your 1 tonne forklift for your safety.

Lift Height:

The lift height of a 1 tonne forklift depends on how they have been designed. A 1 tonne forklift with a longer mast will be able to reach higher. It is important to check the specification on your forklift to find the maximum lift height.

Where to use:

Warehouses: 1 tonne forklifts are commonly used to load and unload pallets, stacking products and transporting supplies around the warehouse.

Construction: You can use a 1 tonne forklift to move construction materials such as bricks, breeze blocks and steel beams.

Retail Distribution: A 1 tonne forklift helps efficiently manage inventory and order fulfilment when used in the distribution of retail.


Typically 1 tonne forklifts are smaller compared to other forklifts. Their size makes them more manoeuvrable in tight spaces such as narrow aisles in warehouses.

Smaller forklifts are often lower in price and operating costs compared to larger ones. Whether you opt for a fuel filled or an electric forklift, they will require less to keep them running, making them cost effective.


The most obvious disadvantage is the limited capacity a 1 tonne forklift has. Since they can only lift a maxim of 1 tonne, they might not be suitable for many tasks.

Even though their small size offers an advantage, it can also reduce stability. When lifting heavy objects or driving over an uneven surface, they run the risk of tipping over.


A forklift that is just over 1 tonne is the Greenpower Eco 15. Its max capacity is 1500 kg and has a lift height of 3000mm. This small forklift can make the perfect addition to your workplace and be able to save time when moving products.

For more information about 1 tonne forklifts and how they can benefit your place, get in touch with our team for expert advice.