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  • Model: EPL154
  • Serial Number: 7322002449
  • Year of Manufacture: 2023
  • Fuel Type: Lithium Electric
  • Side Shift: No
  • Capacity: 1500kgs
  • Lift Height: 115mm
  • Health & Safety: 12 months loler supplied.
  • Additional Info: Fork Dimensions 50 x 150 x1150mm - Fork Spread 540mm - Ground Clearance 30mm - Turning Radius 1330mm.
  • Truck Warranty: 1 Years truck warranty.
  • Battery Warranty: 12 months onsite battery warranty.
  • Battery Spec: 24V
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  • 12 Months Loler Examination
  • 12 Month Battery Warranty
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Download – GREENPOWER GP154 – Data Sheet – please click this link.

The EPL154 has been upgraded with higher speed as well as stronger motors, stabilising wheels and of course Li-Ion technology. EPL154 pallet trucks are more flexible then ever and therefore perfect for the usage in any application. From logistics, to lorry usage in delivery application as well as industrial environments, It is the most versatile pallet truck with a 1500kgs rated capacity.

The EPL 154 is equipped with a 30Ah 24V Battery powering the 0,75kW motor for usage in a normal daily operation.                                                                                                                                       

The EPL154 come in standard with an integrated charger for a maximum in flexibility and can be charged at any standard power outlet.

Alternatively or as an option, the truck can be ordered with an external charger for the flexible charge of several batteries outside of the truck.  please speak to one of our team members who would be able to quote.

The new EPL154 battery connectors have been upgraded for a higher level of protection in every sense. The battery pins are protected from breaking due to external forces. In addition, the battery is protected by a steel cover, keeping it safe from weather conditions as well.

  • Industrial floating stabilizing wheels for maximum stability
  • Small size (l2=400mm) and reduced weight (160kq)
  • 24V-30Ah removable Li-ion battery with metal protection cover
  • Fast charging.
  • Turtle button for operation in narrow spaces
  • Turning radius 1330mm.
  • Max. gradeability, laden/unladen  6/16% –  (can reach 10% with 1000kgs Loads with ease).
  • Turning radius 1330mm.
  • Max. gradeability, laden/unladen  6/16% –  (can reach 10% with 1000kgs Loads with ease).
  • Around two and a half hours roughly for a full charge. With Li-ion batteries you can of course opportunity charges them so normally within ten minutes of charging you can get seven percent charge into the truck.
  • Turning Radius – 1330mm
  • They run between three to four hours next driving time. Of course all depends on the application.
  • In general, EPL154 Pallet trucks take 2,5 hours  to fully charge.
  • Can I use this truck in a cold store? And what about freeze temperatures with the li-ion battery

The battery is no problem. The BMS battery will switch off the battery when the battery reaches a temperature of minus twenty. When you warm it up, it releases again. Normally the battery does not easily get as cold as the freezer temperature unless you leave it there standing unused for a long time.

The truck we do not supply in cold store version at the moment. Driving in and out from the freezer to outside will cause problems due to temperature and most of all humidity. So the least you need is an ambient room to avoid big temperature differences and condensing water.