GREENPOWER ECO 25 New Lithium Electric Forklift (#3757A)

From £91 +VAT Per Week £20,950 Exc VAT £25,140 Inc VAT

From £91+VAT Per Week


  • Model: ECO 25
  • Fleet Number: #3757
  • Serial Number: 210817186K25F
  • Year of Manufacture: 2021
  • Hours Reading: 4.1 Hours
  • Fuel Type: Lithium Electric
  • Side Shift: Yes
  • Capacity: 2500kgs
  • Lift Height: 4800mm
  • Mast Type: 3 Stage Full Free Lift
  • Closed Mast Height: 2170mmmm
  • Health & Safety: 12 months loler supplied
  • Dimensions (L x W): 2580mm x 1180mm
  • Truck Warranty: 1500 HRS or 2 Years truck warranty : Subject to status.

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GREENPOWER ECO 25 New Lithium Electric Forklift (#3757A)

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The below bullet points demonstrate just a handful of the many reasons on why Green Power forklifts are becoming increasingly popular in many different workplace and environmental settings.

  • Zero emissions (diesel forklifts have 25 x more carbon than a car).
  • Running costs (approx 80% less than diesel or LPG).
  • Maintenance costs (massive savings. No engine with moving parts).
  • Ultra rapid charging – up to 80% in 2 hours.
  • Clean air – no need for ventilation inside premise.
  • Virtually noise free.
  • Fantastic price point for a new lithium forklift from £17,950
  • 130% super tax eligible – find out more here.

With sustainability being at the forefront of many industry and business objectives, choosing an electric forklift is definitely an avenue you should seek to explore. This is because electric forklifts provide the same, if not better, performance advantages and features than their gas or diesel fuelled counterparts. They are considerably more environmentally friendly and greatly reduce the amount of noise pollution your business makes, so your employees will be forever thankful that you decided to invest in this type of machinery. Not only this, but by buying an Green Power forklift, you are eligible to experience a substantial amount of savings on your running costs and maintenance. Finally, you’ll be pleased to know that an Green Power forklift qualifies for the 130% super tax deductions so it really is a no brainer on whether you should decide to invest in these nifty pieces of machinery.